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Jack Franklin

Running a forum is not quite what you think.

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by , 8 Feb 2009 at @ 21.25 (1541 Views)
Having been running a forum now for 6 months I just want to make it clear to those who think "I might set one up".

It's not as easy as it spend a hell of your time messing around in the admin section - and if you are new to it (like I was) it becomes even harder. How many hours I spent trying to figure something out, then realising that it's all because of one button!

You get stressed, I actually spent hours just bashing my head on the desk, ****ing everyone off on MSN cos I was in a bad mood - getting sad members who register over 20 profiles just to abuse - I've been there. Funny, he was always on an IP with the same first numbers. We figured out it was a university IP, and reported him! So lets hope he gets banned from thier PCs or something eh?

But it's all worthwhile, when 2 guys contact you, wanting to buy the forum but keep you on board, offering a good sum of money and lots of experience.

I've celebreated by setting up a brand new forum adventure with some friends, although I think I might treat myself to a nice ice cream when I am next in town!

The forum is FM Style - the new owners are having a custom theme designed - something I could not afford and I can't wait to see the end result!

It was hard though, I was abused on MSN to the point where I didn't want to go on, had sleepless nights and nearly just packed it all in. But then I realised, it was just a select few - most members stood by me and now we can only go up :D


  1. bonnit's Avatar
    an inspiring post, and well done for all the hard graft, blood, sweat and tears
  2. webroasters's Avatar
    Thanks for the post Jack. I wanted to say thank you as well, to whoever at WebProCafe fixed my username. It was timely and accurate. I hope one day to manage my own forum as well. By the way, speaking of forums and free services, when you gonna start putting ads up? I would get that up ASAP, so you can get some Benjamins! :D Good luck man, I hope you do well. By the way, this is my new favorite coding community, you guys rock!