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  1. Back in business

    by , 28 Jan 2010 at @ 20.32
    Hey Guys,

    Its been ages since I've been on here. Like over a year, but I'm back and want to share my not so adventurous (or adventurous) adventures with you.

    After I graduated in 2008, I was ready for the outside world. I wasn't just motivated... I was highly motivated and amazingly ambitious.

    Countless job applications and unsuccessful interviews later and my self esteem was on an almighty low. What am I doing? I can't be a web designer? I'm never ...
  2. leave it now you'll do more harm than good

    by , 24 Sep 2009 at @ 11.03
    pick it up tomorrow with a fresh head.....

    why do i never listen to my own advice?????

    zen cart mods will be the death of me i am sure, actually no wait, people wanting amazing, flabbergasting but alas undeveloped zen cart mods will be the death of me... im more sure of this.....
  3. The quest of stylesheet error's

    by , 21 Sep 2009 at @ 18.26
    Yes, may seem boring, but i've decided to print screen every stylesheet error I come across until I have at least 20 of them.

    Stupid? Yah.
    Something to do? Yah.
  4. Twitter had it coming...

    by , 6 Aug 2009 at @ 18.47
  5. A short story of a powercut

    by , 21 Jul 2009 at @ 00.13
    Heard all over BBC Kent radio, there was a powercut that hit my town, and about 5 neighbouring towns.

    I was at my girlfriends at the time when (fount this out on the radio back at mine) some idiots decided to set fire to a sub-station near my girlfriends, which caused the knockout at 1pm.

    At home, I was reduced to the following:
    • Having cold pasta and salami
    • Playing Monopoly with my younger brother and his friends
    • Reading a chapter to my younger brother
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