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Thread: Funny spam from amateurs

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    Default Funny spam from amateurs 21 Jul 2009 @ 19.31

    Got this email today, only unusually, it was from a guy in the UK (Given that SPAM in the UK is legislated, which he clearly doesnt understand)

    Hi there,

    I was searching for web design related companies in the UK and came across your site.

    No doubt your customers are increasingly asking for you to get them to the top of Google, Yahoo! and the likes. This may be a problem for you as you might not have the time to do this or you may not have the necessary skills in house. Either way we are here to help and we are happy to work under your banner and at a *heavily* discounted rate.

    To learn more about what we can do for you and our transparent pricing model for SEO services please just take a peek at LojixSEO website promotion services - thanks.

    Kind regards,

    Lojix SEO

    If you believe we have contacted you in error or you wish not to receive further communications from us then just reply to this email with the words "NO MORE" in the subject line.
    So, he wants to make us #1.... Take a look at his own website and it might give you a good laugh like what I had when I saw it...

    Coding is terrible, no doctypes, fails all validations, use free "hit" counters, done in tables, zero page rank etc etc.... need I say more..


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    Default 21 Jul 2009 @ 19.37

    Haha. Weak.

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    Default 21 Jul 2009 @ 20.47

    Indeed, I replied and asked him:

    Sorry John but we would have to decline your offer.
    We don't let anybody touch our website or its code.

    If your that good at it, then why isn't your own website coded properly to start with?

    I don't mean this badly, but looking at the coding of your own website, it's clear that you guys don't really know anything about SEO, and any "methods"
    you might think work, your obviously not using them yourself.

    In order to understand SEO, you must also first understand the correct and accurate way to build and code web pages.
    To which he said:

    We wouldn't need to touch your website!

    We don't have to do anything with most of the websites that we promote. If we do we send out our recommendations. We don't ask for FTP access unless the customer isn't able to make the changes themselves.
    Looking over the 4 extremely local searches listed in his "portfolio" page, all of them have next to no page rank and have dozens of links from pants websites, so it "looks like" a simple case of link spamming which wont last long at all.

    You cant become a mechanic without first understanding how the combustion engine works, nor can you carry out ethical, effective SEO without knowing and understanding the correct way to build a website. (Shame ratepoint dont understand that!)

    His own website doesnt actually have any links to his other pages at all from his homepage, yet all his other pages just have irrelevant outbound links to other non-relevant websites plastered all over the bottom of them.

    Just a typical example of how customers normally wind up calling people like us here, in the long run..
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    Default 21 Jul 2009 @ 21.40

    This Guy just signed up and posted a link to wesh site, but with not so nice keywords used... Banned permanently

    Just shows the mentality !!

    pity really, looking at his site, he could have done with some help

    sorry Rich, thread closed so save it going too far

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