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    Question Browser-based games... 30 Jan 2009 @ 15.53

    Hey guys,

    I'm just curious if there is still any interest in browser-based role-playing games.

    The main reason I ask is that I am currently working on one and am needing some thoughts and ideas on how to go about developing this game. I have an idea of what I'm wanting, just don't really know if it's going to get some attention when I finally decided to finish and release it to the public.

    Any help will be great!

    Thank you in advance,
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    Default 30 Jan 2009 @ 19.23

    First off, welcome to the community Nathon!

    I think there are few numbers of people who still used browser based games. I used to play sometimes.

    Why don't you try to release it and see if it will attract some attention. You can ask some people to play it and have them feedback.
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    Default 31 Jan 2009 @ 14.40

    I did make a browser-based game just a year or so ago (unfortunately my old host were VERY bad and caused my database to be so beyond-fixing I had to close it all down, eUKHost - argh D:< ) - but I can say I did get several hundred people having registered, and a good hundred or so regular players. That was with me literally advertising on one or two forum posts for a few months.
    I think if you look at companies like OGame, it's still a very popular little thing to do - and well, a great way to learn PHP/ASP.
    It's one of those things you can use, get a sense of achievement out of it, without really having to have done too much.

    And in my experience, I'll say now. Always BETA test, and always get forum moderators before you get a forum. You'd be very surprised how many people who enjoy playing RPGs also enjoy spamming etc.
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    Default 31 Jan 2009 @ 15.14

    I think you need a really strong concept for people to play it, if it's one of those generic mmorpgers thats the same as every other one you've seen, then no, you probably won't have many players.
    When betatesting, do not open beta test. thanks to web2.0, people ignore that and treat it as a finished product.

    Having a good concept is probably most important.
    I've played a few of those boring mmorpgers like darkthrone. But only liked special ones, like nationstates (political rpg) and one with zombies.
    Other people might be less critical though so maybe you'll get lucky.
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