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Thread: Setting default post settings

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    Lightbulb Setting default post settings 18 Jun 2010 @ 17.17

    [FONT=Tahoma]I was wondering if its able to set any settings for posting. For example I like my posts to be with the Tahoma font. I hawe to change them ewery time I write a post. Sometimes I forget to and I just thought if this can be changed. Is there such options in the UCP ( like font-size, font-family ) ?

    * I'we manged to splash water on my laptop and my single w isn't working :sad:
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    Default 18 Jun 2010 @ 18.17

    As far as I'm aware no. And for good reason I think - if everyone's posts used different fonts (and potentially different sizes and colours!) it'd be a real pain on the eyes for others while reading threads.

    In my opinion it is something to be discouraged.

    As a sidenote, I don't like Tahoma as a web font - the kerning/tracking leaves little space between some characters and too much between others, making it a little uncomfortable to read - but maybe its just my ageing eyes
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