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Thread: Sync website with bank account?

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    Default Sync website with bank account? 18 Apr 2011 @ 17.17


    I would assume there are some hideous hoops to jump through but does anyone know to connect to a bank account and pull transaction data from it?

    I see are doing it. Any ideas, I have had a search around but am failing to find the keywords that will shed some light on this.
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    Default 18 Apr 2011 @ 19.24

    Similar to too. Did just find this over on google: jhsbc - A Java API for the UK HSBC website - Google Project Hosting. Java, but seems translatable (haven't looked at the required libraries though). Google
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    Default 18 Apr 2011 @ 19.31

    We looked at this as part of project at work, which was eventually shelved. There is a api service you can sign up to and then you just need to build the UI.

    I will dig out the link to the service when I get back to work tomorrow if you are interested. It would probably be expensive though.

    found it. the service is called Yodlee, and it is the same service used by Mint: Online banking solutions | Core banking solutions | Yodlee
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