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Thread: help picking the right netbook

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    Default help picking the right netbook 25 Sep 2009 @ 18.28

    HI, I'm going to buy a netbook but the thing it's that I don't know which netbook I should buy, I'm going to use it like 10 hrs a day so I really need a strong netbook and one with a good battery lenght, I found a site where you can win a free Samsung NC10, and I started reading about this netbook it seems to be a good option but I want some personal recommendations about this or another netbook. Thanks
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    Default 26 Sep 2009 @ 08.41

    If you are using it for ten hours a day then get a full-blown laptop. Netbooks can be under-powered and you'll go blind staring at a tiny screen all day. You may also find you get frustrated that the processing power isn't doing stuff quickly enough. Think about your health and stress levels! Netbooks are for 'casual surfing' and doing some research on the train IMO. To spend a lot of time on a computer get a decent laptop or a desktop machine.
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    Default 26 Sep 2009 @ 08.50

    I would also be very wary of any "free" offers - they usually have some sort of hidden cost.
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    Default 27 Sep 2009 @ 02.23

    Just a heads up, the MobileMark test they use to determine battery life is misleading. Expect to receive several less hours of battery.

    My mac seems to have pretty good battery life. I can get 4-5 hours using low-processor apps like a word processor or simple web browsing, and 2-4 hours using processor-heavy apps such as Photoshop. And the new generation ones are supposed to have even better battery life.
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    Default 22 Jun 2011 @ 14.48

    TBH I also want a netbook. Lugging around my laptop is tiring and it only gives around 2 hours battery life anyway.

    I want to put Linux on it so buying a MacBook - or varient of - is out of the question due to the inflated hardware prices.


    11" screen
    6+ Hours of battery life
    2GB+ RAM

    Anything else is really optional. I don't need to play games on it. I don't need much hard drive space. I could work off 32GB easily.

    All I want is light weight - good battery - quick at handling basic tasks - around 400

    Any suggestions?
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    Default 25 Apr 2012 @ 00.24

    How did you get on? I am looking for something along the same lines.
    I am thinking a cheap Lenovo.

    Certified hardware | Ubuntu

    Laptops and netbooks with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed
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