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    Question Easy to edit blog 6 Jan 2011 @ 18.59

    Hey guys,

    I have designed a site for my client:

    Atlas And Partners

    I want to give him an updateable news page which has the same header logo and the same footer and has a cms blog service centered as its content.

    I have tried all sorts of different blogging services and they will not allow me to perform this simple feat of css. Some of them won't center the blog, some of them allow me to add the header image but not my footer image. Others only allow a certain width for the header logo. All I want is to keep EXACTLY the same theme above and below my blog.

    I hate drag and drop style html editors anyway which is why I learnt to hand-code things in the first place. Also I do not wish to have to hack someone else's css which is as complex as my whole site to acheive my ends for one page. Does anyone have a simple solution?


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    Default 13 Jan 2011 @ 10.10

    I'm a big fan of Perch (Perch - A really little content management system (CMS)). You install it and just define editable areas in your existing code.
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    Default 13 Jan 2011 @ 11.55

    That sounds similar to cushyCMS and PageLime.

    I have a small job to do over the next week that something like this would fit into, so might as well try out perch to see how it goes.

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