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Thread: Please Review My Website & Portfolio

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    Lightbulb Please Review My Website & Portfolio 27 Jun 2011 @ 21.34


    Please Review My site.

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    Default 27 Jun 2011 @ 21.47

    Forgive my being suspicious, but your generic first forum post feels like link-seeking spam. Are you genuinely seeking a review?
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    Default 27 Jun 2011 @ 22.06

    I concur. Edited and I'm keeping my beady eye on you OP!
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    Default 11 Jul 2011 @ 04.53

    Here Frinkky I will give him a review so this post doesn't feel like spam. Trust me he needs the review.

    Alright bud here it goes, I am going to lay into this one so you can learn from this hopefully.

    First of all I do not see a website...I see advertisements, a banner with a sexy logo in it. That logo is great, but does not go with that site/banner. The social links on the side are garbage. You need to get rid of them unless you have content to advertise to people. Otherwise your advertising a site that has no direction. The 2 ads I am guessing in the middle do not need to be there. The links on the right side are not classified with a header to let people know its even a menu. You need to learn to slap some sexy css into your html.

    From the multiple portfolio links I followed through your site, your work isn't half bad. But your site in which your attempting to tell people your a great graphic design sucks.

    If your going to design a portfolio site and advertise yourself you need to have an understanding on how to layout a webpage. Which includes implementing the basics:

    *Navigation System
    *Body (Blog, Portfolio Pieces, and other content for your various pages)
    *Sidebar (optional)
    *Footer (contact information, copyright, links to other pages on your site)

    Being a graphic designer you really need to learn to present your work professionally online. And if your going to code your own portfolio page you might want to consider using a pre-built template to base from.

    The only good thing about the site is the logo work in my opinion. I could really see a great webdesign with that logo in it. Base your website on those colors and it will shine.

    If you need help with coding webpages this is the right community to be in to ask the questions. We are all designers/developers looking to help others get better in their work.
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