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Thread: New Homepage critque

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    Default New Homepage critque 7 Dec 2011 @ 15.13

    We launched our updated homepage on friday as the previous was looking rather dated.

    The link to it is FindMySupplies any comments or feedback would be much appreciated.

    I personally think the drop down menu's should be onhover rather than onclick.
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    Default 7 Dec 2011 @ 20.25

    Feedback given as a potential customer.

    I think your search has too much prominence, same goes for your total and checkout. I would make smaller and move to a less prime position on your site.

    It is not instantly clear what you do/who your are, there is a lot of things saying look at me but no clear message.

    The free delivery slide is a repeat as is already mentioned in your previous one, as is the Christmas link below. I would have the slide with the two products link to their categories (not buy now), have more items? I would exclude batteries from your featured stuff (Anyone who gets me batteries this year can F of ha ha.)

    I think over all - less is more, get ride of repeated stuff where pos, don't try and say everything on the home page, e.g. remove; tell us what you think ... and sign up to our ... this can go on the contact page.

    Hope that helps, the others will be along to get to the techie stuff and add to my critique, I am sure
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    Default 8 Dec 2011 @ 10.03

    Hi, Welcome the the forums!

    Overall I like it, it holds together well and isn't as busy as some other eCommerce stores out there (compared with euroffice, it's really good!)

    The rest is just me being picky.
    • The basket colour makes it a focal point from the get go, but this shouldn't be the case until after an item has been placed into the basket. The focus should be getting people to look at products & then to purchase. have a look at staples for a really well designed, yet subtle, basket type.
    • The sub-navigation items only appear on clicking the tiny down arrow, which is very hard to do. I would change this to appear on roll over
    • I would try to make the search function a feature. At the moment it seems to be stuck on as an after thought. I would expect with product supplies such as these that people know what they want (i.e.they know what printer they have & as such what ink they want) and as such it will be a highly used feature
    • Related to the above, I would consider moving the Ink & Toner finder functionality to the home page to make the journey shorter
    • The carousel slide transitions are a little fast, so I would slow this down tad
    Hope that helps a little.
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