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    Default site redesign 9 Dec 2011 @ 10.05

    Following advice from members here about my previous site. I have completely redesigned it using a WordPress theme called 'fadeliciuos'.

    Please let me know what you think and give constructive feedback to make it even better

    Site is: photography home page

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    Default 9 Dec 2011 @ 10.50

    At a quick glance - very smart, contemporary while working well with the traditional wedding photography, cool functions and comfortable user experience. I like the testimonials footer and social book marks. The only thing I would say is it lacks a personal touch. Good to steer clear of free template feel.

    Hope that is of some help
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    Default 9 Dec 2011 @ 13.55

    The theme suits your site well, but the grey looks a little dull. Maybe try to powder blue and see how it looks.

    I would also look to bring some of the most recent items from your portfolio onto the homepage.

    I would remove this line at the top of everypage
    Wedding Photographer Surrey| Surrey Wedding Photographer | Photographer Surrey | Surrey Photographer
    As it pushes down the content and serves no purpose other than to keyword stuff your page.
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    Default 9 Dec 2011 @ 13.59

    Thanks both - Just the kind of feedback I was looking for

    I did try the blue colour for the site but didn't like it too much and I am hoping that my photos will add enough colour.

    I take your points about the keywords at the top and the personal touch being required. Unfortunately being a photographer I don't have any decent pics of myself. I will correct that and post one over the next few days

    Anyway thanks again
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