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Thread: flash file width

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    Default flash file width 8 Feb 2010 @ 05.37

    please refer to this link WoodWorks Wood Flooring - Introduction

    at the very top the image at the left, right, the background and the navigation are all 1 swf file

    this flash file is in a div called flashcontent this div has no css styles and instead they have used swfobject and specified the width as 100% and a height of 290px and due to the 100% the flash file scales based on how narrow and large the browser window is just like how an image would adjust if the image were to be in a div whose width is set to 100%

    my question in case of an image there would be a specific width and because the div which holds the image is set to a width of 100% the image would scale

    however in case of the flash file there is no width value in terms of pixels it is 100% width

    so without having a div set to 100% width which is holding the flash file how is this flash file able to scale

    what would the width of the flash file be or does it not matter because the flash file width is set to 100% what is the technique used

    please advice

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    Default 8 Feb 2010 @ 10.32

    Yep, you are correct; the flash file will just scale if set to 100%
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