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    Default custom gallery 24 Nov 2010 @ 22.56

    i like this gallery effect, Galleria ? A JavaScript gallery for the Fastidious

    the way i want my gallery page is there should be thumbnail images at the bottom and right and left arrows to show the remaining thumbnail images like the gallery page has

    however what i want is when
    1. when i hover over the thumbnail images i need a hover effect for the thumbnail image

    2. when i click on the thumbnail image i want a bigger size of that image to appear with a lightbox effect which zooms in the big image and makes the page background black and also in this lightbox a left and right arrow when clicked will correspond to the next and previous images that are the thumbnail images

    how can i club the gallery effect at Galleria ? A JavaScript gallery for the Fastidious and add a lightbox effect when a thumbnail is clicked to get the output

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    Default 25 Nov 2010 @ 00.40

    How's your javascript / jquery knowledge?

    I would include a jquery light box. Then delve into the gallery script replace the load big image in window function to 'add image to lightbox'
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