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Thread: Active links not working

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    Default Active links not working 12 Apr 2011 @ 23.05

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    I can't figure out why the links to contact page and facebook at the top are not active even tho I have <a href> tags on them. Any ideas please?

    This page is coded for the concrete 5 CMS.
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    Default 13 Apr 2011 @ 04.26

    Validating your code should be the first step when debugging (hint - position:top is not a valid position value).

    A couple of things I'd try, either separately or in any combination:

    1. Add the fb and contact links to a container (#secondary-nav or something) and float that, rather than the links themselves. Remove their containing div's.

    2. Try setting the anchors to display:block and give them a height and width.

    3. Finally, you can add position:relative then add a z-index to each to ensure they are rendering on top of everything else if they are still unclickable as something is masking them.
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