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Thread: ajax using dollar post

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    Default ajax using dollar post 4 Feb 2011 @ 04.53

    i am using ajax using the $.post method my code is

    HTML Code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
    	$.post('task-usingdollarpost.php', {
    			taskname: $("#taskname").val()
    			taskname: $("#taskname").val(),
    			taskname: $("#taskname").val()
    	  return false;
    html code
    <input type="text" name="taskname" id="taskname" size="20" />
    <input type="button" name="addbutton" id="addbutton" value="Add"  />

    my question is using this $.post method i am able to specify the url, variables that i am passing to a php file and a function that will be called when ajax is complete however what i need is function when the ajax is being processed so that i can show a loading image and error if an error occurs

    for loading i have used this code
    immediately after $(document).ready(function() {


    and for error i have used this code after the ajaxStart function

    is this the right way to show the loading div which has the loading image while the ajax request is being processed when using $.post

    also the ajaxError is not working properly for example if i were to rename the php file in the server that i have mentioned in $.post or if i have a syntax error in the php file then the ajaxError function should be executed however i am getting a browser error message and the error div is not being displayed which i have created to show when an error occurs with $("#error").css("display","block");

    how to fix the ajaxError function
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    Default 4 Feb 2011 @ 08.36

    I'm not sure if you can bind .ajaxStart & .ajaxError to the same element. Have a look at the jQuery documentation, they have a good example: .ajaxError() – jQuery API
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    Default 6 Feb 2011 @ 02.14

    I'd like to remind you to wrap your code in [code] tags when posting. Also, this question relates to Javascript, not PHP, so I've moved it to the appropriate forum.
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