Hi there,

I am current writing an application which alows users to switch between using Youtube player and flowplayer to play different videos. My problem is quite simple but perplexing. I cannot call:

ytplayer.pauseVideo(); //yt api call


$f("splash").pause(); //flowplayer api call

using the same button. this goes for all the other commands, not just pause.

I am using chromeless players and making my own buttons which is why I want to do this.

There is no error on my setup of the scripts as I have complete control over both api's so long as I do not mix them.

This tells me there are conflicts between the two namespaces. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting round this as ideally I would like a hyperlink which calls a function as below:

function pause()
I know that I could just use JQuery to show/hide different sets of buttons depending on which player is available but that would be overkill.

any ideas?