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    Default How to start hosting 22 Sep 2009 @ 07.09


    I'm Brendan, I'm adequately skilled in coding and graphics, but have no idea how to get it up on the web... Help?

    Do you need to purchase a domain name and hosting space from the same place? If not, how do you connect the two?

    I'm not planning on doing any work for anybody else at this time, just want to host my own band site, so I would need a hosting server that gives me enough room for plenty of videos and music and whatnot, but only enough for one site, so... Yeah.

    If someone could give me a play by play of how this stuff gets done, that'd be awesome, thanks!
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    Hi Brendan,

    Hosting is usually purchased, however you can get it free, from an Hosting Provider. They offer a space on a server for you to store your website. This is vital because the Hosting Provider keeps their servers on 24/7 allowing your website to remain online all the time.

    When you go to a Web Hosting Provider you need to pick a package, this is where you need to pick a package that meets your web site requirements, does it need a MySQL database? does it need PHP? or ASP?And usually you can then pick a level of hardware to store your website on, as a brief breakdown they are:

    Shared - Suitable for low end, none-business critical websites
    VDS/VPS - These are Virtual Dedicated Servers. Sounds complicated but it simply means you have a dedicated server on shared hardware. The benefit is you have complete control over what the server does.
    Dedicated Server - A machine for the sole purpose of hosting your website(s). The best you can get because it means no one else is sharing your hardware.

    Then there are such things as Cloud and Cluster hosting, that depends on the provider, but these are a way to offer a shared hosting platform across multiple servers.

    Invest Comparatively - I can not stress this enough. If you are running a business that makes 1,000 a week, and can not afford to be offline do not invest in a shared hosting package.

    Once you have purchased your hosting space they will give you FTP details (File Transfer Protocol) to upload you website to the server. You can use a program such as FTP Commander or FireFTP extension for Firefox (my favourite). Enter in the details they provide and then transfer the files from your computer to the hosting providers server.

    The final task, and the one most people forget, is you need to point your domain name at the hosting space. There are a couple of ways to do this:

    1: Change Name Servers. Name Servers control the DNS for the domain name, DNS is what makes the internet work, it points your domain name at a IP address. You need to change the name servers for the ones of your new provider, they will then take care of the DNS. The only people who have the power to change Name Servers are the current domain provider, who you purchased it from.

    2: DNS Change. Instead of changing the Name Servers from your current domain provider you simply change the records on those name servers to point at your new hosting provider.

    As an example:

    www. A

    The above records control both and, if you change the IP address each DNS record it will point the domain to a new server.

    The tech behind how this works is not relevant to what you need, so point it and let it do its magic

    Hope that helps.

    Oh and I offer hosting to people if you are interested drop me a PM if you want more information.
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    Default 22 Sep 2009 @ 12.38

    Thanks Tom, useful post for me aswell
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    Default 22 Sep 2009 @ 12.59

    In slightly simpler terms.

    1) What is a web host.
    A web host is a company that provides web servers which serve web pages to people that visit your website. While you can technically do this from home, a web host provides scalability, stability and ease of use.

    2) What is a domain name.
    The internet is a big network. Computers connect to each other using IP addresses.

    What Is My IP Address? - IP Address Lookup, Internet Speed Test, IP Info, plus more

    A domain name is a textual form of an IP address. This you can type in instead

    3) Where do I begin.
    For your first web host I recommend that you use a web host local to you. I would also recommend that you go with a big web host.

    My first webhost was the UK branch of 1and1. They aren't the cheapest, probably not the best but they are very easy to use, provide fair support and are very beginner friendly. I often recommend them for a first webhost. 1&1 Internet Ltd.- Home Page

    The best thing to do is phone up a webhost, tell them what you want and ask what they provide. They will put you on the cheapest package and help you get set up.

    Most web hosts allow you to buy domains from them. This has the benefit that they will set everything up for you. The downside is that you are tied to the host until you move the domain name. (not a big deal and completely irrelevant if you are happy with the webhost.)

    So, by this point you will have purchased your hosting and your domain name. You will be technically ready to rumble.

    When you registered to your web host you will have been sent an ftp adress. This is usually. username / password.

    Using a program such as filezilla, you can then upload your website. It is very straight forward, just drop it into the right folder.

    If you have any trouble phone up your web host and ask for help, its their job, they have heard it all before and they will be very friendly and helpful.

    Your site is now online.

    I could go into databases and the such but you learn this if you learn a programming language, your webhost will also have instructions in their wiki so there isn't much point.

    I would recommend the following hosts.

    Good Luck!
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