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Thread: Top 50 Web Development Books

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    Thumbs up Top 50 Web Development Books 6 Aug 2009 @ 20.30

    If anyone is interested in reading books on Web Development or just simply using them for reference then here is a list of the top 50 books as voted by the public and web developers.

    50 Must-read Books on Web Development - Nettuts+

    I've looked through the list and theres some pretty useful books that would benefit anyone from beginners to Pros.

    Hope these are useful to anyone who likes collecting books, i know i do....Enjoy!!
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    The Missing Manual editions are great .. it is always fun and easy to read.

    I bought the CSS: The Definitive Guide for $10 at Borders and I hated it. It's like a dictionary for CSS but I barley can understand it.
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    I've never been a book person for Web Design really, I don't know why - I love book, just not for reference. As soon as I have a query, I just Google it. No need to read through pages of information.. How primative
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